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Meking LS-15 Boom Arm Black (128 to 235cm)

RM 248.00

Meking Steel Boom Arm (95 to 232cm)

RM 275.00

Meking DK-007 Light Stand Trolley Fro 24pc Stand

RM 2800.00

Meking QH-C21 C-Stand Wheel 3pc Rollar Fro C-Stand

RM 145.00

Meking J212YT Horizontal Arm Fro Tripod

RM 250.00

Meking M11-002C 5/8 Spigot with 3/8" 1/4" Male Thr...

RM 33.00

Meking 288S Stainless Steel Spring Light Stand (28...

RM 189.00

Meking J2180 Medium Boom Light Stand (Maximum Supp...

RM 399.00

Meking B015, 3.86x4.1m Background Support Stand (3...

RM 690.00

Meking S290C Stainless Steel C-Stand (Maximum Supp...

RM 560.00

Meking J180 Stainless Steel Light Stand (180CM)

RM 110.00

Meking B017 Background Stand Kit

RM 336.00

Meking QH-J3500 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Light...

RM 665.00

MeKing L-2800FP Heavy Duty Air-cushioned Light Sta...

RM 276.00

Meking L-1250F Light Stand Fro Backlight (125CM)

RM 140.00

Meking L-600F Light Stand Fro Backlight 60CM

RM 89.00

Meking M11-034 Super Clamp

RM 70.00

Meking MB-02 3/8-16 Male Thread & 1/4-20 Female Th...

RM 20.00

Meking M323i Quick Release Adapter with Plate

RM 66.00

Meking M200PL Quick Release Plate

RM 36.00

Meking L-600D Ceiling Overhead support system 36cm...

RM 84.00

Meking Xpand Floor Studio Background System 3

RM 1400.00

Meking Xpand Floor Studio Background System 2

RM 1350.00

Meking M15-3800 Autopole 2

RM 900.00

Meking M11-018 Male 1/4" Thread Wiht 5/8" Socket

RM 36.00
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