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Kodak Daylight 35mm ISO800 Disposable Camera (39 E...

RM 38.00

Fujifilm Simple Ace 35mm ISO400 Disposable Film Ca...

RM 62.00

Out of stock

Kodak FunSaver 35mm ISO800 Disposable Camera (27 E...

RRP: RM 99.00
RM 58.00

Out of stock

Kodak PowerFlash 35mm ISO800 Disposable Camera (39...

RM 60.00

Out of stock

Fujifilm QuickSnap 35mm ISO400 Disposable Film Cam...

RM 60.00

Ilford XP2 Super Single Use Camera with 27 Exposur...

RRP: RM 77.00
RM 69.00

Ilford Harman Reusable Camera W/ 2 Rolls of BW Fil...

RM 189.00

Kodak Water & Sport Waterproof (50'/15 m) 35mm One...

RRP: RM 159.00
RM 89.00

AgfaPhoto LeBox Flash Disposable Cameras

RRP: RM 65.00
RM 58.00

Ilford HP5 Plus Single Use Camera with Flash 27 Ex...

RRP: RM 72.00
RM 65.00