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Elinchrom EL Handheld Boom Arm (63-156cm)

RRP: RM 250.00
RM 160.00

Metz BL-200 SB/UM-KIT II

RM 799.00

Godox SA-17 Bowens Mount to S30 Mount Adapter (Fro...

RM 189.00

Godox FV150 Hight Speed Sync 2 LED Flash Light wit...

RM 3240.00

Godox LED1000Bi II Bi-Color DMX LED 3 Light Trolle...

RM 3950.00

Godox LED1000Bi II Bi-Color DMX LED 3 Light Stand...

RM 4290.00

(SPECIAL DEAL) Elinchrom Polystand Boom Stand

RRP: RM 1299.00
RM 780.00

Manfrotto 035C Universal Super Clamp with ratchet...

RRP: RM 199.00
RM 170.00

Out of stock


RRP: RM 953.00
RM 760.00

Out of stock

Manfrotto 269HDBU Super High Aluminum Stand with L...

RRP: RM 2469.00
RM 1980.00

Out of stock

Manfrotto 269BU Black Super Stand

RRP: RM 2086.00
RM 1660.00

Out of stock

Manfrotto 244N Variable Friction Magic Arm

RRP: RM 727.00
RM 580.00

Out of stock

Manfrotto 1314B Background Support System (9' Wid...

RRP: RM 1746.00
RM 1390.00

Out of stock

Manfrotto 126BSU Heavy Duty Steel Cine Stand, Blac...

RRP: RM 1369.00
RM 1160.00

Out of stock

Manfrotto 1052BAC Alu Air-Cushioned Compact Stand

RRP: RM 556.00
RM 472.00

Out of stock

Manfrotto 1051BAC Alu Mini Compact Air-Cushioned S...

RRP: RM 527.00
RM 450.00

Out of stock

Manfrotto 1004BAC Alu Master Air-Cushioned Stand (...

RRP: RM 784.00
RM 666.00

Out of stock

Manfrotto 3-Section Extension Pole (35- 92") (Blac...

RRP: RM 327.00
RM 294.00

Out of stock

Manfrotto 036-38 Standard Stud with 3/8" Screw - f...

RM 56.00

Out of stock

Manfrotto 035 Super Clamp without Stud

RM 181.00

Out of stock

Manfrotto 025BS Super Boom with 008BU Stand - Blac...

RRP: RM 4226.00
RM 3590.00

Out of stock

Avenger F1000 Pump Cup with Baby Swivel Pin

RM 526.00

Out of stock

Avenger D520 40'' Extension Grip Arm

RM 329.00

Out of stock

Avenger D500 20'' Extension Grip Arm

RM 293.00

Out of stock

Avenger D244N Variable Friction Arm

RM 779.00

Out of stock

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