Lastolite EZYBalance Collapsible 18% Gray/White Balance Card 50cm

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With the rising popularity of digital photography a growing number of photographers are using grey cards to ensure their photographs are properly exposed and color corrected.

Lastolite has taken the grey card to another level with the development of the innovative Ezybalance "Point and Shoot". The unique gun sight on the collapsible card allows the photographer to achieve perfect focus every shot, and because the Ezybalance is an 18% grey, the shot will also be perfectly exposed. All this is achieved by simply placing the Ezybalance near the subject and half depressing the shutter on any digital camera, then removing the card and fully depressing the shutter for the perfect shot.

The Ezybalance "Point and Shoot" also comes with a white surface on the back to accurately white balance the camera as you go.
Collapsible to 1/3 its open size

Lastolite EZYBalance Specs

Shape Round corner square
Size Open 20"
Size Collapsed 8"
Surfaces 18% Grey/White

Lastolite  EZYBalance  Collapsible  18%  Gray/White  Balance  Card  50cm