Eureka DX-206 Auto Dry Box

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5 Year Warranty By Malaysia Distributer


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Auto DryBox ( desiccator, auto-electronic desiccator, auto dry, dry box, humidity control box, dehumidifying cabinet, dry cabinet, low-humidity storage box, low-humidity keeper etc. ) are suitable for optical photographic equipment, key materials for hi-tech manufacture / R&DK, information media, precision equipment, food and medicine, valuable collectionsK..etc.

RH Range: 25%~ 55%RH.

External Size (W x H x D cm): 40 x 123 x 41.2.

Shelves: 4.

Sliding Trays: 2.

Capacity (Liter): 174.

Hygrometer: 1.

Eureka  DX-206  Auto  Dry  Box