Tether Tools CU5464 TetherPro USB 2.0 Micro-USB Adapter (Black)

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Tether Tools CU5464 Overview

The black TetherPro USB 2.0 Micro-USB Adapter from Tether Tools can be used with phones and tablets (non-Apple) with a USB 2.0 Micro-B port. This adapter adds the ability to connect a regular USB male A cable to a peripheral device with a micro USB port. This On-the-Go (OTG) cable allows a tablet or phone to connect to a camera, flash drive, or external hard drive using a standard USB connection. Some of the phones/tablets that are compatible with this adapter include Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy and Note, as well as many additional devices. Be sure to consult your equipment manufacturer's specifications to ensure correct cable type and proper connections.

The TetherPro USB cable is fully shielded to eliminate external interference. This adapter enables a tablet or phone to act as a USB host, creating a connection to peripheral devices such as cameras, keyboards, mice, and hard drives, allowing them to inferface with the tablet or phone. The 4.5" adapter features a micro USB 2.0 male plug on one end and USB type A female on the other. For use in tethered photography, one would simply attach a TetherPro USB cable from the camera into the TetherPro USB 2.0 OTG adapter.

Tether Tools CU5464


Host Connector USB Micro-B (5-Pin) Male
Output Connector 1 x USB Type-A Female
Interface USB 2.0 (480 Mb/s)


Cable Length 4.5" / 11.4 cm
  • Tether Tools TetherPro USB 2.0 Micro-USB Adapter (Black)