Athabasca 67mm HD CPL filter (Circular Polarizer)

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Athabasca HD CPL Filter 67mm (HD CPL Slim 5.32mm)

Slim Frame
Made out of environmentally oxidized aviation aluminium. Specially design for DSLR and digital cameras with ultra thin filter frames (5.75mm) to help avoid vignetting on super wide angle lenses are also designed to hold a lens cap.

High quality optical glass 
Athabasca HD CPL filter uses the highest quality Japan made optical glass, which creates a smooth, clear image. 

Aluminium case
Comes with aluminium case to protect the filter when not use.

HD CPL high definition circular polarizer is mainly used to eliminate polarized light. Using Japan imported optical glass and top quality Japan polarizing films and with secondary advanced operation, Athabasca CPL is certain to achieve super HD effect.


Waterproof and Stainproof Coating
Multi-coat filters are easily stained by water and dust. To prevent this, a layer of waterproof and stainproof coating is added upon the transmittance coating.

Light rays which are reflected by any surface can become polarised so polarising filters are used to select which light rays enter your camera lens. CIR-PL filters allow you to remove unwanted reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water, glass etc. They also enable colors to become more saturated and appear clearer with better contrast. This effect is often used to increase the contrast and saturation in blue skies and white clouds. Athabasca polarising filters do not affect the overall color balance of a shot.

F0000019-samplewith_large   F0000019-samplewithout_large
With CIRCULAR PL Filter   Without Filter

Reduce Glare and Reflections with the CIRCULAR PL
Using the CIRCULAR PL filter, reflections and glare can be reduced significantly from non-metallic surfaces. A camera angle of 30 degrees from the reflecting surface (glass, water, etc.) is ideal for maximum effect.

withoutreflection   reflection
With CIRCULAR PL Filter   Without Filter