(Special Deal) Gamilight Box 43 Portable Soft Box with L Mount

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With the extremely light-weight material, you can attach this Foldable Soft Box directly on your portable flash without the clumsy soft box holder!

The Gami Light SQUARE 43 allows you to diffuse the light from your flash in the direct flash position. A translucent white fabric diffuses the harsh light and is bounced to the internal reflective panels to produce a powerful yet diffused light source. The SQUARE 43 will give your objects a richer tone and balanced overall shadow.

This will be your perfect tool in creating portraiture for your off-camera flash in, or out, of the studio. Get hold of one today and add the SQUARE 43 to your studio gear!

Please choose one in the option list column to fit your flash. Please refer the compatible flash models below:

  • S-sized : Cactus AF50, AF45; Canon 430EX II, 430EX; Metz 36 AF-5; Nikon SB-800, SB-700, SB-600; Nissin Di466; Olympus FL-36R, FL-36; Panasonic DMW-FL360; Pentax AF-360FGZ; Sony HVL-F42AM; Sunpak PZ-42X; Yongnuo YN462, YN460 II;
  • L-sized : Canon 580EX II, 580EX; Nikon SB-900; Olympus FL-50R, FL-50; Panasonic DMW-FL500; Pentax AF-540 FGZ; Sony HVL-F58AM; Metz 58 AF-1, 50 AF-1, 54 AF-1, 44AF-1; Nissin Di866 Mk II, Di866, Di622 MK II, Di622; Sigma EF-530 DG ST, EF-530 DG Super, EF-500 DG ST, EF-500 DG Super; Yongnuo YN560;
  • XL-sized : Cactus KF 36;
  • Must work with GamiLight mounting straps (one included)
  • Package Includes:
    • Square43 Soft Box x1
    • Carrying Case x1
  • White translucent diffuser
  • Durable plastic Soft Box housing in black
  • Internal reflective panels in silver
  • Light Loss: Approximately 1 stop at flash zoom to 24mm
  • Dimension: 43cm x 43cm x 20cm, folds flat to 55.5cm x 29cm x 1cm
  • Net Weight: 400g

(Special  Deal)  Gamilight  Box  43  Portable  Soft  Box  with  L  Mount