Techart PRO TZC01 Autofocus Lens Mount Adapter (Canon EF - Nikon Z)

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About Techart PRO TZC01

The new Canon EF Nikon Z Autofocus Adapter is the latest groundbreaking product brought by Techart. Taking advantage of the flange distance of Nikon Z mount, Techart developed an adapter to convert all legendary Canon EF-mount lenses (from Canon/ Sigma / Tamron / Tokina / Zeiss) to Nikon Z cameras. The adapter is able to 'translate' the Canon EF protocol into Nikon Z and the AUTOFOCUS, AUTO-APERTURE and LENS STABILISATION functions of the Canon EF lenses can all be retained.

Both AF-S, AF-C, AF-F and MF mode will work on the Nikon Z6/Z7/Z50. Face and Eye detection, EXIF reading, Timelapse function can also be supported. Phase-detect AF is used and therefore the AF speed is on par with using native Z mount lenses on the cameras. Firmware is upgradable via separate lens dock (Included for FREE). This adapter does NOT work with lenses with no CPU contacts (MF lenses)

High Compatiility
The new Techart TZC-01 supports most Canon EF-mount lenses in the market developed by Canon, Sigma, Tamron and Tokina. Functions like Auto-focus, Auto-Aperture, Lens stabilization, EXIF reading can be retained when using on Nikon Z6/Z7 cameras. Manual lenses with CPU contacts (e.g. Zeiss ZE lenses) can also be supported.

New Function Button
The new function button allows the adapter to SAVE the last focus distance (i.e. If you focus the subject 2 metres away and press the silver button for 2 seconds, the focus distance will be stored into the adapter. You may then focus at anything and press the silver button to change the focus point back to 2 metres quickly.)

Firmware Upgradable
Keep your adapter working with latest Nikon cameras and firmware. The firmware of the adapter is upgradable via the complimentary update dock included in the package. Attach the adapter to the update dock like you normally do with a rear lens cap. Connect the dock with any Micro-USB cable and then to your computer. Download and open the Techart Update APP (MAC / PC) and select the latest firmware of TZC-01. Click Update and wait for a minute. Yay time to enjoy the fun.

Techart PRO TZC01 Features

  • Fast Autofocus
  • Lens stabilization
  • Aperture Control

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