(PREORDER) Sirui IHS110X Safety & Dry Cabinet with Fingerprint Scanner

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SIRUI IHS110X Electronic Humidity Control and Safety Cabinets



  • The precision built automatic electronic humidity control system is designed for long-term storage applications.
  • SIRUI designed high performance dehumidifying system controls humidity levels, is highly efficient, energy-saving and non-polluting.
  • Fingerprint Scanner assures maximum security. Holds up to 100 fingerprints
  • Internal placement of the humidity control elements protects the components from damage.
  • The SIRUI Intelligent Electronic Humidity Control Cabinet can be remote-controlled via SIRUI APP or SIRUI Offical Account on Wechat.
  • Constructed of 6 mm high-strength, cold-rolled steel. Precision welded for structural integrity and long life.
  • The China Compulsory Product Certification (3C certification), certification number is 2014031904000284.
  • Maintains relative humidity up to 24 hours after power is shut off.
  • Fingerprint Scanner assures maximum security. Holds up to 100 fingerprints.
  • The electronic password keyboard: no need for a traditional key. The password can be up to 12 digits in length.
  • Password memory: no need to be reset if power is lost.
  • Password entry is prompted by display and confirmation tone.
  • Advanced notification of low voltage.
  • Loud Alarm Warning signal (>90dB).


  • Height (mm/inch) : 856/33.7
  • Width : 450/17.7
  • Depth : 380/15
  • Weight (kg/lb) : 70/154.3
  • Capacity (L) : 110

Sirui  IHS110X  Electronic  Safety  &  Dry  Cabinets