Artisan & Artist WCAM - 3000 Camera Bag Black (Made In Japan)

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100% Original Made in Japan

The Artisan & Artist WCAM-3000N Camera Bag is for standard single-lens reflex camera digital camera, standard lens, interchangeable lens and camera back for flash bulb. In addition, you can use it for a trip of the degree in sports gym and a night because it is the size that there is depth, and the A4 size contains. It is the camera bag that good convenience shines.

Brand name Camera Bag WCAM-3000N (black)
Model number WCAM3000N black
Maker Artisan & artist ARTISAN&ARTIST
Product cord 1852759
Maker sale date December 18, 2009

The specifications details

naisun (mm) 200*310*115mm
The outside size (mm) 230*350*130mm
System unit weight 700 g
Materials taporin, nylon
Specifications 1 Color: Black

Characteristic of products

■Small shoulder bag which is most suitable for gift.

■Stylish design is usually most suitable for errand.

■Removable inner box (red) attachment.

■Small Digital SLR camera W lens kit storing is possible.

■The shoulder head: 93-152cm

  • Artisan & Artist WCAM-3000N Camera Bag

Artisan  &  Artist  WCAM  -  3000  Camera  Bag  Black  (Made  In  Japan)  Sling  Bag