Peak Design Ultralight Conversion Kit

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SKU: PD-ULCK-5-150-1

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Convert your Travel Tripod into an ultralight tripod with the Ultralight Conversion Kit from Peak Design. The TPU rubber feet install and uninstall easily without the use of any tools. Swapping out the lower leg sections with the lighter feet reduces the weight of the carbon fiber Travel Tripod by 40% and the aluminum version by 45%. This allows you to travel more comfortably with an already lightweight tripod. The material of the feet helps to have a better grip on the ground and they also dampen any vibrations to the tripod.


  • TPU Rubber Feet
  • Material Grips & Dampens Vibrations
  • Converts Travel Tripod to Ultralight
  • Lower Aluminum Tripod Weight by 45%
  • Lower Carbon Fiber Tripod Weight by 40%
  • Installs/Uninstalls Easily without Tools