Digicabi AD-80N Dry Cabinet

RM 1180.00

Warranty 5 Year By Local Distributor Leomix


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Product Description

Not everything are suitable for wet and damp time with moisture, some of your valuables must be really taken care of. Your cameras especially need a fitting abode to have it stay as moisture free as possible to prevent it from being faulty and later disrupt from taking picture perfect moments. The DIGI CABI DRY CABINET AD-80N provides the optimum condition to store your camera, preventing potential risks and hazards such as moisture and damage. Take the necessary steps in preserving your priceless possessions from leaving your side soon.

Dry cabinets are general purpose for average dryness level of storage. Typically used for Cameras storage, achieve, tapes, VCD, DVD, VCR tapes, cassettes, magnetic tapes, photographic equipment etc. Typical RH Control range is 40-60% RH at ambient Temperature. Subject to variation of ambient humidity.

The desired humidity level is set by turning the dial inside the cabinet than closing the door and leaving it for a few hours depending on the size of the cabinet, the humidity of the surroundings and other factors that may influence the humidity level. The reading will show on the Hygrometer.

Digital Humidity Controller: 1
Dimensions: W40.00 x D38.00 x H68.00cm
Capacity: 80 Litre
Power Consumption: 4 Watts
Door Type: 1 Door
Tray: 2 Fully adjustable roller tray with lens 1 waveform                                   Weight: 18 KG

5 Year Warranty*