Sirui PH-10 Mini Gimbal Head

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The Sirui PH-10 gimbal head is a great solution to the problem of shooting moving subjects with a long telephoto lens. Ball heads and 3-way heads can be cumbersome in fast-moving situations, but the gimbal head makes your camera and heavy lens seemingly weightless, and you can smoothly and precisely track fast-moving subjects.

Cross-patterned, multi-layer carbon fiber in the arm and forged aircraft aluminum alloy in the L-bracket make the PH-10 very strong — it can hold up to 15 kg, but it weighs only 0,5 kg. Carbon fiber also reduces vibrations and provides better tolerance for temperature changes.

With the camera and lens perfectly balanced on the gimbal head, there’s no need to lock any controls. You can quickly and easily move your camera in any direction with a very light amount of force. In fact, a correctly aligned system can be controlled with one finger.

Sirui PH-10 Gimbal Head Specs

  • Makes your camera/lens outfit "weightless" and will smoothly move horizontally 360° and tilt +150° to -60° with a slight touch.
  • Locking 360° rotating base.
  • Converts to a side mount system with included platform.
  • Height adjustable 90° platform.
  • Arca-compatible 120mm Quick Release plate with rubber surface and with 1/4 and 3/8 screw.
  • Load capacity" 15kg
  • Weight: 0.98kg
  • Diameters: 172mm (H) x 208mm (L)

Sirui PH10 Gimbal Head x1

Sirui Quick Release Plate x1

Sirui Case x1

Sirui Shoulder Strap x1

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