Brinno BCC200 Construction Bundle Pro 1280 x 720 Time-Lapse Camera

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Warranty: 1 Year by Brinno Malaysia


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The Brinno BCC200 Construction Bundle Pro HD is a 720p HD time-lapse camera kit for long-term project recording. It allows owners to keep an eye on construction projects for months at a time and gives them the ability to quickly review the footage. Just assign the desired time lapse interval and set it to record. When you come back weeks or months later, you can watch the recording right away, without having to perform any processing. This kit consists of the TLC200 Pro time-lapse camera, a weather-resistant housing, and a clamp mount. The clamp mount features a mini ball-head that allows you to angle the camera as you need.

The TLC200 Pro camera runs on four included AA batteries. At a time-lapse interval of 2 seconds (with the scene setting set to "daylight"), the batteries will last for 240,000 images to be captured, which would be about 5 days. If you set the interval to 5 minutes, the batteries will last for 40 days. In this case, the result will be 12 images captured every hour, totaling to 288 per day, and 11,520 for the 40 days. At the common playback rate of 30 fps, you can watch the entire 40 day recording in 384 seconds, which is just over six minutes. But you can set time intervals to anywhere between 1 second and 24 hours. There's also an ASAP mode that captures 3-5 images every second. You can also use the timer function, which allows you to program the camera to shut off and wake up at designated times. Alternative to battery power, the camera can also be powered via a micro-USB cable, sold separately.

The TLC200 Pro is designed to perform very well in low-light conditions. Its image sensor features large 4.2um pixels that are sensitive to low light, and is also built with 115 dB HDR (High Dynamic Range), so images will be of high-quality in challenging backlit environments, so you can keep the camera recording day and night (as long as there's some light available at night). The TLC200 Pro camera features a CS lens mount supporting interchangeable lenses to meet varying needs. The included lens has a 19mm focal length and 112° wide angle of view.

Everything is recorded to SD cards, with up to a 32GB SDHC card supported. The included TLC200 Pro normally comes with a 4GB card, but as part of this bundle an 8GB card is included instead.

Camera Type Digital time-lapse video


Resolution 1.3 MP sensor
1280 x 720 / 0.9 MP still images using optional Shutter Line
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Sensor 1/3" HDR
File Formats JPEG
Pixel Size 4.2 um
Light Sensitivity 3650 mV/lux-sec
Image Stabilization Not specified by manufacturer


Lens Aspherical glass lens
Focal length: 19 mm (35mm equivalent)
Aperture: f/2.0
Angle of view: 112°
Zoom With optional 18-55mm f/1.2 and 24-70mm f/1.4 lenses
Lens Mount CS Mount
Focus Type Manual
Focus Range 19 mm f/2.0 lens:
Manual focus: 0.4" / 1 cm to infinity
Default setting: 15.75" / 40 cm
Rotation 120° vertical

Shooting Controls

Sensitivity ISO sensitivity not specified by manufacturer
Shutter Speeds From less than 1 sec - 4 sec
Metering Not specified by manufacturer
Exposure Modes Daylight, twilight, night, moon, star
Manual Controls Exposure, saturation, contrast, sharpness
White Balance 4000 to 7000K Auto, 5000K day, 7000K shade, 6000K cloudy, 4000K fluorescent light (cool), 3300K fluorescent light (warm), 2800K tungsten light
All color temperatures are approx.
Burst Capability ASAP mode captures 3-5 photos in 1 sec
Interval Recording Yes, with automatic generation of time-lapse video
0.3 sec, 1 sec, 2 sec, 3 sec, 5 sec, 10 sec, 20 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 1 h, up to 24 h
Shooting Modes Time-lapse
Stop motion using optional Shutter Line ATS110
Motion-activated using optional Motion Sensor ATM100
Webcam Yes, can function as webcam via connection to computer and installation of free webcam software
See Brinno's website for suggested software


Built-in Flash None


Memory Card Type SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB accepted
4.0 GB SDHC card supplied

A/V Recording

Recording Formats AVI
Video Recording Yes, from time-lapse images
Video Resolution 1280 x 720p
Frame Rate 1, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 fps
Length Maximum video length: 8192 to 20480 frames, depending on time interval setting
Audio Recording No


Viewfinder Type LCD monitor
Viewfinder Coverage Not specified by manufacturer
Display 1.44" / 3.7 cm TFT LCD monitor
Multi-Channel Playback Not specified by manufacturer

Connectivity/System Requirements

Connectivity 5.0 VDC-in micro-USB connector
System & Software Requirements For transfer/viewing on PC: Windows XP or later
For viewing on smartphone with OTG Card Reader: OTG-equipped smart device
Micro USB cable


Operating/Storage Temperature Not specified by manufacturer
Durability Waterproof with optional ATH120 housing


Battery Type 4 AA batteries (included)
Power Supply For long term use, attach optional 5.0 VDC external power supply to Micro USB connector


Dimensions 2.5 x 2.0 x 4.2" / 6.4 x 5.2 x 10.7 cm
Weight 4.9 oz / 140 g without batteries

Whether you're recording events, projects, or the natural world, the AA battery-powered TLC200 Pro HDR Time-Lapse Video Camera from Brinno will allow you to see and show change over a given period. It performs time-lapse photography every 0.3 sec or at selectable intervals from 1 sec - 24 hr, and instantly creates HD 1280 x 720 videos from the captured still images; no stitching or other post-processing is required. There's also a burst mode for shooting 3-5 photos in 1 sec. Videos are compressed into smaller files for easy playback on smart devices.

The TLC200 Pro features a 1.3MP, 1/3", High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensor, which helps produce great shots with high contrast—even in challenging lighting conditions, such as those encountered at night. The camera accepts interchangeable CS-mount lenses, including the supplied 19mm (35mm equivalent) wide-angle lens, which offers 120° rotation and a fast f/2.0 aperture for effective low-light shooting. Additionally, the TLC200 Pro is equipped with a 1.44" TFT LCD monitor. Captured files are saved on the included 4GB SDHC memory card or an optional card up to 32GB in capacity.

HDR Image Sensor

The 1/3", 1.3MP High Dynamic Range (HDR) image sensor helps produce great shots with high contrast—even in challenging lighting conditions, such as those encountered at night. It can capture a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image than some standard CMOS sensors can, resulting in a more accurate representation of the range of intensity levels seen by the naked eye. High, medium, and low HDR settings can be selected. The sensor records still images and HD time-lapse videos at 1280 x 720 resolution.

Time-Lapse Videos

Instantly creates HD videos from photos captured in time-lapse mode. No stitching or other post-processing is required, and thousands of photos can be combined into one video. Choose a time interval of 0.3 sec or select one of many intervals from 1 sec - 24 hr to see change over a given period, whether you're recording events, projects, or the natural world. There's also a setting for shooting 3-5 photos in 1 sec.

Firmware for Time-Lapse Recording

Enables you to select a beginning and ending time for your time-lapse videos, e.g., start at 8 am and finish at 5 pm.

Additional Shooting Mode Options

Stop motion is available using the optional Shutter Line ATS110. Motion-activated shooting is possible via the optional Motion Sensor ATM100.

TIMER Function

Allows you to program specific times when the camera will wake up and begin recording and when it will shut off. This means you will have complete control without having to be there to turn the camera on—just set it and forget it.

Interchangeable Lenses

Accepts interchangeable CS-mount lenses, including the supplied 19mm (35mm equivalent), wide-angle, aspherical glass lens, which offers a fast f/2.0 aperture for effective low-light shooting and shallow depth-of-field effects. This lens, which comes pre-mounted on the camera, features a 112° field of view and can also rotate 120°, enabling panoramic image capture. Optional lenses include an 18-55mm f/1.2 with a 45mm diameter and a 24-70mm f/1.4 with a 32mm diameter. The lenses can be mounted and removed via the included screwdriver and screw. An optional IR filter can also be added.

LCD Monitor

Equipped with a 1.44" TFT LCD screen, which allows for accurate targeting of subjects and precise framing of scenes. You can also turn the time stamp and LED indicator options on and off. When on, the LED indicator will flash while capturing each frame. The LCD allows you to set a date and time and choose one of the following settings for the frequency band filter: none, 50 Hz for Europe, and 60 Hz for USA. Additionally, it shows you the remaining battery life and firmware version, and tells you whether the SD card is full, missing, or in need of replacement. The monitor turns off after 50 sec of inactivity, in order to save power.

Scene Settings for Night Shooting

For a standard twilight scene, program the camera for an exposure time of up to 1 sec. For a night scene, try 2 sec. When photographing the moon, 2 sec is optimal—unless you're shooting in ASAP mode, in which case 4 sec is best. When shooting stars, choose 4 sec, or 8 sec in ASAP mode.

Low-Light Sensitivity

Large pixel size of 4.2um and notable low-light sensitivity of 3650mV/lux-sec enable recording of sharp images in dim lighting situations. The updated firmware allows for fast adjustment to greater variations in light.

Playback on Mobile Devices

Using the optional Brinno ABR100 or another compatible card reader, play your videos on your smartphone or tablet. Videos are compressed into smaller files to make them easy to play and share.

Image Quality

Good: High compression rate produces the least image data of the 3 settings, so it does not yield the highest quality but works best for long capture periods
Better: Moderate compression rate results in more image data and works well for general use
Best: Low compression rate produces the maximum amount of image data to achieve the highest quality


Camera captures files to SD or SDHC memory cards up to 32GB in capacity, and includes a 4GB SDHC card.

Accessory Mounting and Connection

Has a tripod mount on the bottom, as well as an extension connector for the attachment of the optional Brinno Time-Lapse accessories, which include the Shutter Line and Motion Sensor.

Optional Waterproof Housing

The water/weatherproof ATH120 housing provides protection for your camera against the elements. It is a clear case with a built-in lens port that is optically neutral, meaning it will not distort the field of view in any way.

Brinno Weather-Resistant Housing for TLC200 Pro HDR Time Lapse Video Camera

This Weather-Resistant Housing from Brinno is compatible with the TLC200 Pro HDR Time Lapse Video Camera. Its water-resistant design protects your investment against the elements while affording easy access to controls. The case is clear to allow for monitoring of the watertight seal and the camera. It features a built-in, flat lens port that does not distort the image or reduce the clarity of the lens. The housing is configured with a standard 1/4"-20 threaded hole on the bottom for connection to an optional tripod or other support system, such as Brinno's #AWM100 Wall Mount.

  • Brinno TLC200 Pro HDR Time-Lapse Video Camera
  • BCS-019 19mm f/2.0 Wide-Angle Kit Lens
  • Lens Cover
  • 4GB SDHC Memory Card
  • Screwdriver
  • Screw
  • 4 x AA Batteries
  • Brinno Weather-Resistant Housing for TLC200 Pro HDR Time Lapse Video Camera