Gitzo GK2500LLVLQR Leveling 6X Series 2 Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit with Fluid Head

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Warranty : 1 Year warranty from Malaysia Distributor


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This Gitzo Series 2 GK2500LLVLQR Leveling 6X Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit includes a leveling carbon-fiber tripod and a very compact, low-profile fluid head constructed from a Gitzo proprietary compound that's as strong as magnesium but 30% lighter, with excellent vibration dampening. This leveling tripod offers quick set-up and leveling accuracy, even on rough, uneven ground via the column's +/- 15 degree adjustment range. The fluid head features a beautiful design with exceptionally smooth movements, high-quality engineering and assembly, as well as a sophisticated, adjustable and highly accurate counterbalance system. This tripod/fluid head combination is ideal for medium-sized spotting scopes, DSLRs with long lenses and/or compact DV camcorders.

  • Fast set-up and leveling accuracy on uneven ground
  • Extremely lightweight tripod, with excellent vibration dampening
  • Compact and low profile fluid head
  • Sophisticated, adjustable and highly accurate counterbalance system
Load Capacity Legs: 26.46 lb (11 kg)
Head: 8.82 lb (4.0 kg)
Maximum Height 67.72" (172 cm)
Maximum Height w/o Column Extended 59.45" (151 cm)
Leveling Adjustment Column: +/- 15 degrees
Leveling Bubble/Illuminated Yes
Minimum Height 6.30" (16 cm)
Folded Length 24.02" (61 cm)
Weight 3.66 lb (1.66 kg)
Head Type Fluid
Quick Release Yes
Adjustment Range Front tilt -90° / +90°
360 Degree pan
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