LAOWA Tripod Collar for 25mm f2.8 Macro 2.5-5X

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A mount for the most compact and versatile high magnification macro lens. This lens is optimized for macro shooting between 2.5X - 5X life size. The lens is specially designed with an extended working distance (45mm at 2.5x & 40mm at 2x)and smaller lens barrel. This allow a sufficient lighting on the object for easier shooting in the field. The lens is much more compact and lighter than other comparative products. This lens also provides a relatively greater depth of field compared to other extreme macro lens in the market. The Laowa 25mm f/2.8 2.5-5X is developed for both professional and leisure macro photography, to be used on the field or in indoor set-up.

  • Venus Laowa 25mm f2.8 Macro 2.5-5X lens compatible
  • Relieves weight on camera tripod thread 
  • Relieves weight on camera bayonet
  • Enables a well-balanced assembly
  • Metal screw for secure installation

LAOWA Tripod Collar for 25mm Macro

LAOWA  Tripod  Collar