LEE Filters 100mm Pro Glass 0.6ND (GL100ND6)

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Product description

This ND filter is from the 100 mm System from Lee/filters. Via a compatible filter holder and adapter rings you can use the filter on almost any lens. That's the great advantage that you can use the filter back everything with their lenses. You need only for any lens with a matching adapter ring. Neutral Density Filter darkens the front lens of your lens. In this way, it reduces the amount of light into the lens. The filter has a filter factor of 4th in other words, it quadruples the possible exposure time to take out the camera when taking photos. And at a constant exposure time the filter prolongs the exposure by 2 stops. The colour quality of the paint and the contrast will not be affected. The filter disc is made from a high-quality optical glass that the Whisky World could call its own. And like all Lee products also the ProGlass ND Neutral Density Filter is a real high end product. The filter offers a high quality build quality. The filter also features outstanding optical performance.