Lastolite TriGrip Reflector 120cm Sunlite/SoftSilver

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The two new reflective surfaces include SoftSilver and Sunlite. SoftSilver's combination of one strip of silver and one strip of white helps tone down the harshness normally associated with a pure silver reflector providing a softer effect. Digital cameras are very sensitive to colors in the yellow spectrum. Using a gold reflector with a digital camera will often blow out the highlights in an image. Balancing silver and gold, Sunlite incorporates two strips of silver for every strip of gold helping digital cameras get better images The new surfaces are available for all of Lastolite reflector products, they are particularly useful on the innovative Lastolite Tri-Grip series. As part of a family of revolutionary collapsible reflectors, the Tri-Grip replaces the traditional round reflector with a triangular design, greatly improving ease of use and convenience. With comfortable handles, the Tri-Grip allows a photographer to hold the reflector with one hand and shoot at the same time. The triangular shape provides easy collapsibility and the ability to maintain itself rigid The conveniently located handle provides for accurate positioning so light can be directed to awkward spots, such as under the chin and eyes. With no stands or brackets needed, taking lighting accessories on location has never been simpler. The Tri-Grip family nowincludes a jumbo 58 inch size, ideal for larger subjects and groups. The original 33 inch Tri-Grip is still available

Lastolite  TriGrip  Reflector  120cm  Sunlite/SoftSilver