Athabasca ARK ND1000 170x190mm Filter

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Athabasca ARK ND1000

German Schott optical glass
Water repellent
Stain resistant
Scratch resistant
Nano coating
Double side anti-reflective film
Low reflection and light reducing layer
Installation methods: plug-in filter

ARK II ND filter, it is used to reduce the amount of light and there will be no color deviation on the image. It is an important light deduction tool. Under the condition of strong light, it can reach large aperture, shallow depth of field and long-time exposure. When taking photos of flow water or flow clouds, it is used to reduce the amount of light and the speed of the shutter. Then you can get the image like silk waterfall.
Athabasca ARK GND filter is one of the necessary equipment of landscape photography. It uses German Schott optical glass, it is characterized by anti-impact ,anti-corrosion, high temperature resistant. Through multi-ultrathin noble metal coating, it has the advantage of low reflection, and no color deviation. Also it uses double-layer water repellent coating. When the rain drops on the glass, it will slide out gently so that the glass maintains transparency. At the same time, the mark pen can’t be written on the surface of the glass. It is really water repellent, scratch and stain resistant.

ATHABASCA  NA1000  170x190mm  FILTER