7artisans Close Focus Adapter [Leica M - Leica/Panasonic L] - Silver

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Attach Leica M-mount lenses to your mirrorless camera with this Close Focus Adapter from 7artisans. Beyond being a simple, manual adapter for attaching the rangefinder lens to the mirrorless body, this adapter also incorporates a helicoid to permit closer focusing distances than typically possible. The adapter ring will still permit working within the original focusing range of the lens and, since the adapter has no optical components, it will maintain the original qualities of the lens. It is constructed from aluminum and copper and has an anodized finish for high durability and scratch resistance.

Rangefinder lenses traditionally have longer minimum focusing distances than lenses of the same focal length designed for SLR and mirrorless systems. This adapter ring incorporates a helicoid to improve on this focusing range by essentially becoming an adjustable extension tube in addition to a manual lens adapter ring. Focus adjustment is still possible on the attached lens and, when set to the lens's minimum focusing distance, the helicoid of the adapter can be extended to achieve closer focusing performance.

  • Shortens Minimum Focus Distance of Lens
  • Integrated Helicoid
  • Can Function as Manual Lens Adapter
  • Anodized Aluminum & Copper Construction