Lensgo 348C 2.4G Wireless Microphone Support TF card With Charging Case Lapel Mic For Phone/Camera - Double (Black)

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Lensgo 348C 2.4G Wireless Lavalier Microphone System with audio back up function and portable charging case

1. 2.4G wireless frequency, the use of more general and more extensive
2. Support stereo and mono mode switching
3. Built-in omnidirectional radio and television head
4. Magnetic assembly method, convenient disassembly and assembly, multiple usage methods, magnetic hot shoe clip
5. The operating range is up to 70 meters (face to face in an open environment, the recommended range of use is 30 meters)
6. The built-in lithium battery is charged by TYPE-C charging interface/box (no battery inside, need to be used with charger)7 hours of long-lasting battery life, 3.5 hours when recording is turned on
7. Built-in TF card slot to prevent missing recording. Maximum support 32GTF card, recording format WAV, 32GTF card, can record nearly 100 hours of files continuously
8. Manual channel pairing
9. Level gain Adopt American TI’s 2.4G main chip, independent noise reduction algorithm, 7-level noise reduction
10. Small and portable, using fiber windproof hair
11. Transmit (TX) one-key recording
12. Connect mobile phone/SLR camera 13.Connect a laptop/computer