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Synco Audio LAV-S6M2 Wired Lavalier Microphone

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Warranty: 1 Year by Local Distributor


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SYNCO Lav-S6M2 is an upgraded condenser lavalier microphone of the model Lav-S6M. It features the Mathematics Process Technique to enhance audio signal and compress common-mode noise, the Low Cut Filter and Gain Control to make instant response to complicated surroundings, and the rechargeable large-capacity lithium battery to stay workable after daylong shooting, in addition to the inherent real-time monitoring function. All this is intended to remove all imaginable limits when using this wired lavalier microphone and make brilliant recording results. 

Mathematics Plays a Role
The latest lavalier S6M2 makes use of the Mathematics Process Technique and runs a sophisticated operational amplifier to carry out mathematical operations on signals. It greatly strengthens the speech signal, accurately suppresses the common-mode noise, and hence helps deliver clear and pure audio whose self-noise is ultra-low.

Transducer Condenser
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20KHz
Signal/Noise 79dB
Sensitivity -32dB +/-3dB/ 0dB=1V/Pa,1KHz
Max. SPL 110dB
Gain Range 9dB
Low Cut 150Hz
Output Impedance 1000Ω
Headphone Connector 3.5mm TRRS
Audio Cable 6 Meters/19.7 Feet
Output Connector 3.5mm TRRS
Battery Requirement 400mAh Built-in Battery
Battery Charging Time 1.5h
Battery Life 50h (Audio Monitoring Off)
30h (Audio Monitoring On)
Dimensions (L x Diam) 60×33.8×17mm

Additional Functions Meet More Needs
New professional functions - 150Hz switchable Low Cut Filter to roll off low-frequency noises caused by frictions, air conditioners, traffic, etc. and 9dB wide-range Gain Control to take flexible level control for different conditions - are great additions to the S6M model named for its real-time monitoring system and thus make the updated lavalier microphone S6M2 of greater flexibility.

10-Min Charge Enables 1-Hour Recording Time
The lav mic S6M2 could work for 50 hours without any pause when the audio monitoring is off, thanks to the inbuilt 400mAh Li-ion battery. Use the included Type-C quick charge to get it fully charged with 1.5 hours merely.

Connections Open to Varied Devices
SYNCO professional omnidirectional microphone S6M2 adapts itself to different devices with the dedicated Phone/ Camera mode switch button and works well with Android/ iOS smartphones, tablets, laptops, cameras, computers, camcorders, mixers, recorders, etc

No limits on Uses
The 6-meter long microphone cable offers more freedom to move around, especially great for long-distance shots such as interviews, conferences, live broadcast, teaching, and YouTube vlogging. Its simple lines and sleek appearance make a feast for the eyes and cause no strangeness in the shot.