Godox P2400 Power Pack Kit

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Godox has put together this P2400 Power Pack Kit to give serious shooters the full experience of this feature-laden system. The kit includes one 2400Ws power pack (with a super-fast recycling time of 0.7 second at full power) and two HP2400P flash heads with Bowens front accessory mounts.

Godox P2400 Power Pack

Made for the H2400P flash head, the P2400 Power Pack from Godox is a powerful energy source with a 32-channel, 16-group receiver that allows triggering with an optional transmitter at distances up to 1000'. The pack has very fast full-power recycling of 0.7 seconds and a super-fast 1/17,800 second (t0.1) flash duration for stop-action shooting of items like water splashes.

Godox H2400P Flash Head

Made for use with the P2400 Power Pack, the Godox H2400P Flash Head has 2400Ws capacity, the popular Bowens front accessory mount, and a bright 60W LED modeling light. A built-in handle makes carrying it easy.


Watt Seconds 2400 Ws


Number of Connections 1
Sync Input 1/8" / 3.5 mm
Built-In Receiver Yes
Dimensions 13 x 11.7 x 8" / 330 x 297 x 202 mm
Weight 24.3 lb / 11 kg

Godox H2400P Flash Head Specs


Maximum Watt/Seconds 2400 W/s


Changeable Reflector Yes
Modeling Light On/Off Switch Yes
  • 1 x P2400 Power Pack
  • 2 x H2400P Flash Heads
  • Heads Have 60W LED Modeling Lamp
  • Wired or Wireless Release, 1000' Range
  • 0.7 Second Recycling at Full Power
  • 10-Step Power, 32 Channels, 16 Groups
  •  Godox P2400 Power Pack
  • Power Cable
  • 2x Godox H2400P Flash Head

Godox  P2400  Power  Pack  Kit  G-P2400PPK