Sony Compact folding Tripod

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Travel light without compromising a solid platform for your interchangeable-lens camera or other camera. Extra-compact, light and strong, the VCT-P300 tripod effortlessly packs in your bag, yet can support even large zoom lenses. With a flexible head and a wide height range, it’s an ideal compact tripod for practically anyone to shoot stills.

Extra-light, strong and compact

Foldable design allows the tripod to collapse into extra-portable form. The tripod is made of magnesium for exceptional lightness and strength.

Highly functional and flexible

This versatile tripod head is detachable, tillable 90 degrees, and equipped with a pan & tilt handle, vertical and horizontal level indicators.

Fast, flexible setup

The moment to take your best shot won't wait, so neither can you. That's why the tripod is smartly designed to be very quick and easy to set up in every way.

Easy leg angle adjustment

Simple adjustment of leg angles makes it convenient to lower the tripod for low-position shooting.

The right height for all your shots

From as little as 364mm (14”) the tripod extends all the way to 1587mm (63”) in height. Each leg features six sections with quick twist locks for fast setup and adjustment.


Size & Weight

Max. Height 1587mm , Folded Length 294mm
1.4 kg

General Specifications

Aluminum, Magnesium
3 Way Panhead Function
50 degrees
2.5 kg
90 degrees
-20℃ to +60℃
360 degrees


+0℃ to +40℃
Picture of Compact folding Tripod

Foldable design for carrying/storing ease

Legs can be folded 180 degrees in reverse to house the head between them, minimising overall length for superior portability.

Picture of Compact folding Tripod

Compact size

Can be easily stored in a camera bag or its side pocket.

Picture of Compact folding Tripod


Supports up to 2.5kg of weight. Engineered from light but strong magnesium alloy.

Picture of Compact folding Tripod

3 way Panhead with levels

Levels on the 3 way Panhead allow checking of up-and-down and side-to-side tilt for both horizontal and vertical compositions.

Picture of Compact folding Tripod

Head tilts for shooting portraits/landscapes

The head can be tilted up to 90 degrees to the right or left — great for vertical compositions.

Picture of Compact folding Tripod

Pan & tilt handle

Simply twist the handle to loosen or lock the head in both pan and tilt directions for quick re-framing.

Picture of Compact folding Tripod

Detachable tripod head

The head can be detached from the tripod. You can choose and match a head and tripod depending on the camera you use or your shooting purpose.

Picture of Compact folding Tripod

Quick release shoe

Easily and securely attach your camera thanks to the quick-release plate.

Picture of Compact folding Tripod

Extending centre column

Twisting the knob on the centre column unlocks the column for quick extension. Max. centre column height: approx. 159 mm

Picture of Compact folding Tripod

Quick Twist lock

Simply clutching and twisting the knobs on the legs releases or locks all leg sections at once for remarkably speedy setup.

Picture of Compact folding Tripod

Leg opening angle

Simply sliding each of 3 leg 24°25/°/75° opening stoppers unlocks the legs for quick angle adjustment.

Picture of Compact folding Tripod

Maximum height

A fully extended tripod with fully raised centre column is 1587 mm high. Minimum height is 384 mm.

Picture of Compact folding Tripod

Opening (Setting up the tripod)

To set up, lift and turn the setup/storage mode switch, align the white dot with the line, then release.

Picture of Compact folding Tripod

Compacting (for storage)

To store, lift and turn the switch so that the white dot is no longer aligned with the line, fold the legs 180 degrees in reverse, then prepare storage.


Sony  Compact  folding  Tripod  VCT-P300