Maono 5-Panel Microphone Shield

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Maono AU-S05 5 Panel Microphone Sound Isolation Shield with high-density sharp-walled polyurethane sponge can effectively capture and absorb the main sound source, prevent the sound from being refected back and absorbed by the microphone, and reduce diffuse sound waves. Multi-layer noise reduction clearer sound can prevent external noise from interfering with the microphone. Easy installation and studio quality performance will quickly make it your sound crisper and clearer. High quality Acoustic sound absorbing foam insulation sound diffusion reduces noise and room ambience to create an ideal recording condition in the Studio Home. After being folded, its measurement is about 140*160*285mm, which is easily disassembles for transport.

1 x Maono AU-S05 Sound Isolation Shield

1 x Supporting Rod

1 x Washer

1 x Nut

1 x Cross Bar

1 x Manual

AU-S05  Maono  5-Panel  Microphone  Shield