Daisee 49mm UV-Haze PRO DMC Slim Filter

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Absorbs the ultraviolet rays which often makes outdoor photographs hazy and indistinct. This multi-purpose, all-around filter can serves as a permanent lens protector. While designed specifically for digital cameras the Zeta series can be used on film cameras as well. 

Superior Optical Technology 
It employs a high transmittance optical glass, which can effectively block UV rays below 300mm. The edge of the lens has undergone matte processing in order to prevent harmful glare. 

DMC Water & Oil Repellent Multi-coating: 
The DMC coating has a 8-layer Water & Oil Repellent, Scratch & Stain Resistant Coating on Each Side. The coating meets the standard requirements of the optical coating, which has been put through rigorous Salt Water Immersion Tests. 

Super Slim Frame 
The thickness of the frame is merely 3.5mm making it perfectly suitable for wide angle lenses, which can eliminates vignetting. The frame has been through the EU ROSH standard, and is in line with environmental requirements. 

Daisee Testing Data indicates that: 
Those filters without coating can reflect about 8% of the light, which hitting on the two air-contact surfaces of the glass; while the light loss of the multi-coated filters is only 0.5%. The multi-coating technology plays an excellent role in glare and light reflection. Daisee’s multi-coated filters decrease the possibility of glare and reflection from approximately 8% down to 0.5%, which means reflection is reduced 16 times.