Elinchrom Rotalux Squarebox (70cm / 27")

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Known for its flexibility and superior construction, the 27" Rotalux Squarebox from Elinchrom is especially suited to head and shoulders portraiture, use as a hairlight, or for photographing groups and products. The softbox has removable interior and exterior white diffusers that can be used one at a time, together, or not at all for different contrast and softness options. An optional translucent deflector, or a set of them, bounces light to the back of the Squarebox to remove the hotspot and further soften the light. A separately purchased hooded diffuser limits spill light while the optional collapsible fabric grid narrows the beam angle while it also thwarts spill light. The light shaper can rotate 360-degrees on its separately purchased speed ring while its spring-loaded sockets allow you to mount the support poles in untensioned sockets, then snap them into place. The Squarebox has a silver interior for maximum output and comes with a bag for storage and transport.


  • Impressive quality of diffusing and reflecting fabric
  • Second internal diffuser
  • Included carrying bag.
  • Gray rip piping with professional finish
  • Hooded diffuser is available - reduces the spread of light
  • Optional Lighttools fabric grids to narrow the beam spread

Elinchrom Squarebox 70cm Specs

Item Type 27 x 27" Softbox (Square Shape)
Interior Color Silver
Light Compatibility Requires Bracket/Speed Ring (Not Included)
Quick Open Type No
Accepts Grids Yes (Not Included)
Maximum Wattage 300 W
Removable Front Face Yes
Interior Baffle Yes, Removable
Dimensions 27 x 27 x 12.6" / 70 x 70 x 32 cm
Weight 1.5 lb / 0.674 kg
  • Removable Front and Interior Diffusers
  • Silver Interior
  • Includes Carrying Bag
  • Optional Interior Deflectors
  • Optional Hooded Diffusers
  • Optional Collapsible Fabric Grids
  • Revolves 360° on Optional Speed Ring
  • Handles up to 300W Tungsten Lamps
  • Elinchrom Rotalux Squarebox (70cm / 27")
  • 4 x Metal Rods
  • Front Diffuser
  • Interior Diffuser
  • Case

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