Rode SC10 Right-Angle 3.5mm TRRS Cable

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The 12.6" Rode SC10 is a short TRRS cable specially designed for connecting a TRRS-equipped camera-mount microphone to a mirrorless camera, DSLR, or mobile device, making it a great accessory for vloggers, run-and-gun videographers, and mobile filmmakers.

This high-quality cable features right-angle 3.5mm TRRS male connectors and two cable sections joined at a junction box. The mic-end section is extremely flexible to improve shockmount performance, while the camera end section utilizes reinforced memory cable to allow optimal positioning around your camera.

The SC10 is perfect for use with the Rode VideoMic NTG and many other camera-mount microphones outfitted with TRRS connectors. For connecting a TRS-equipped microphone to the TRRS input of a mobile device, the Rode SC7 cable (available separately) is ideal.

  • Designed for use with TRRS-equipped camera-mount microphones such as the VideoMic NTG
  • High-quality shielded cable
  • Integrated strain relief sleeve
  • Junction box for cable management
  • Compatible with the cable management slots in the Rode SM7-R and DCS-1 mounts
  • 7.9" memory cable section
  • 1.6" flex cable section

Rode SC10 Specs

Cable Length 12.64" / 32.1 cm
Weight 0.53 oz / 15 g
  • Connects Mic to Camera or Mobile Device
  • Highly Flexible Cord for Mic End
  • Reinforced Memory Cord for Camera End
  • Right-Angle 3.5mm TRRS Male Connectors
  • Compatible with TRRS-Output Microphones
  • Rode SC10 Right-Angle 3.5mm TRRS Cable (12.6")

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