Profoto A-Series Battery Mk II Li-Ion Battery

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With a capacity of up to 450 full power flashes, this A-Series Battery Mk II Li-Ion Battery for A1, A1X, and A10 from Profoto is the rechargeable power source for the A1, A1X, and A10 flash heads.

Profoto Li-Ion Battery For A1X Specs


Charging Time1.3 Hours

Number of Flashes450

Connector TypeProprietary

Key Features

  • Provides up to 450 Full Power Flashes
  • Last 4 Times Longer than "AA" Batteries
  • 80 Min. Charge Time with Battery Charger
  • UN-Certified for Air Travel

100498  Profoto  A-Series  Battery  Mk  II  Li-Ion  Battery