Maonocaster Podcast Production Studio

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Maonocaster E2, a portable all-in-one audio interface with multiple

functions including audio effects, mixer control, auto-tune control,

loopback, side chain, noise reduction, and more. 

  • Up to 11 customized sound pads to enhance your podcast atmosphere
    Built-in quality pre-amps and support phantom power for best performance of XLR microphone. AME2A features with 3-level mic gain adjustment, supporting ultra-low noise gain up to 60dB, high-end dynamic microphones, such as SM7B/SM58, SM58. 32Bit high-performance chipset and DENOISE function will provide a clearer sound.
  • Enjoy a personalized podcasting atmosphere
    Equipment with 6 reverb modes, You can adjust the time and depth of reverb freely, 12-step auto-tune, 3 modifiable tones (Treble, mid-range, bass), and pitch changer knobs. Each microphone input is independently controlled. Pro features like sidechain, music only, and loopback switch are also included.
  • Designed for live- streaming
    You can use USB-C to connect your computer or tablet, LIVE-OUTPUT1/2 to connect your smartphone for podcasting recording and streaming, via MONITOR SPK, connect a studio monitor for sound output, use an AUX-IN jack to connect your input accompaniment from a smartphone or other devices, use MIC1/2, and connect your favorite XLR condenser/dynamic microphone.
  • Perfect for guitar, bass, and other musical instruments with a 6.35mm jack
    If you are looking for an audio interface to record guitar or bass, this bundle is a great option for you. There's no need to sacrifice the tone with the high headroom instrument input, you can get a perfect recording.
  • Package List 
    1* audio interface, 1* metal pop filter, 1* USB A-C charging cable, 2* 3.5mm TRRS audio cable, ,1* user manual. We provide a 12-Month warranty.For a better user experience, please download more instructions below and read the user manual before setting up.

Maonocaster  Podcast  Production  Studio  AUAME2