RGBlink TAO 1mini pro Streaming Kit

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Tao 1mini

TAO 1mini supports HDMI and FULL NDI® gigabit Ethernet video stream codecs for encoding and decoding. Round appearance, simple and elegant, easy to carry, with standard camera screw holes, can be easily installed to the camera bracket. The device has a 2.1-inch TFT touch screen for real-time monitoring of signals and menu operations. Support tally lights, support U disk recording, support PoE and other functions.

Interface Input HDMI 2.0 1×HDMI-A          
    UVC 1×USB-C          
  Output HDMI 2.0 1×HDMI-A          
  Audio TRRS 1×3.5mm audio jack        
  Communication LAN(PoE) 1×RJ45          
    USB 2.0 1×USB-A          
  Power Type-C 1×PD Type-C          
    LAN(PoE) 1×RJ45          
Performance HDMI 2.0 input Input resolution 720p@50/60 | 1080i@50/60 | 1080p@30/50/60     
      1280×720@50/60 | 1280×768@60 | 1280×1024@60 | 1360×768@60 | 1366×768@60 | 
      1600×900@60 | 1920×1080@50/60 | 3840×2160@60
    Format YUV 4:2:2        
    Bit depth 8 bit/10 bit          
    Pixel format BT.601 | BT.709        
    Image delay 3 frames          
  UVC/Type C input Input resolution 1024×768@60 | 1280×720@50/60 | 1280×768@60 | 1280×1024@60 | 1360×768@60 | 
    Decoding performance MJPEG/YUV | H.264 | H.265
  Audio Input Audio delay setting 0~160ms          
    Analog audio input MIC/LINE           
    Maximum input level +6dBV          
  LAN  Coding performance Support MJPEG\YUV,H.264      
    Speed mode CBR,VBR,FIXQP,AVBR,QPMAP      
    NDI coding FULL NDI, 4K@60      
    NDI decoding FULL NDI, 4K@60       
    RTMP coding Support streaming software      
    Maximum output speed 125Mbps          
  HDMI 2.0 output Output resolution 720×480@30 | 1280×720@30 | 1920×1080@30/60 | 3840×2160@60
    Audio Embedded audio output
Power Mode PoE, PD            
  Input voltage 5~12V             
  Maximum power 10W          
Working Environment

Temperature 0℃~55℃          
Humidity 5%~85%          
Physical Weight Product


    Package 780g          
  Dimension Product 91mm(diameter)×40.8mm(height)
    Package 215mm×145mm x 80mm    
  • Compact modern form factor
  • NDI node for encode and decode 
  • Support RTMP\RTMPS protocols
  • Stream to at least 4 platforms via TAO APP 
  • Support 4K@60, downward compatible with FHD/HD/SD  
  • Low latency 
  • Intuitive touch control and dynamic display
  • Full colour integrated video monitoring
  • Power from USB-C or PoE network
  • Dual ¼in mounts
  • LED TALLY indicators 
  • RGBlink TAO 1mini pro Streaming Kit

RGBlink  TAO  1mini  pro  Streaming  Kit