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Kodak Ektar H35N Half Frame 35mm Film Camera (Striped Black)

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  • Built-in Star Filter
  • Coated, Improved Glass Lens
  • Bulb Function (Long Exposure)
  • Tripod Hole
  • Film-saving

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KODAK EKTAR H35N Half Frame Film Camera comes with a built-in star filter to create four-beam flares on the images, as well as a bulb shutter and a tripod hole to support long-exposure photography. Besides, it features an element of glass lens which produces sharper photos with more details captured. Photographers can create distinctive photography and capture stunning images with ease.

Film Format: 35mm (Half Frame)
Film Transport: Manual Wind And Rewind
Optical Lens: 22mm F8, Coated
2-Element Lens: 1 Glass Lens, 1 Aspherical Acrylic Lens
Shutter Release: 1/100s, Bulb Shutter
Flash: Built-in
Filter: Built-in Star Filter
Power Supply: 1*AAA Alkaline Battery
Dimensions: 110(W) x 62(H) x 39(D) mm
Weight: 110(g)
Materials: ABS / Aluminium
* Film, battery, cable release and tripod are excluded in the package

  • Built-in Star Filter: photographs tiny light sources to create a four-beam flare on light spots
  • Coated, Improved Glass Lens: one element of glass lens sharpens the clarity of the images
  • Bulb Function (Long Exposure): helps to capture the trail of moving objects, mostly at night
  • Tripod Hole: uses a tripod to keep your camera steady to support long exposure photography
  • Film-saving: has twice as many images per roll - doubled!
  • Kodak Ektar H35N Half Frame 35mm Film Camera (Striped Black)

Ektar  H35N  Half  Frame  35mm  Film  Camera