RICOH GV-2 External Mini Viewfinder

RM 1150.00

Warranty : 1 Year warranty from Malaysia Distributor

SKU: RICO-175090

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The Ricoh GV-2 Mini External Viewfinder is designed for the Ricoh GXR camera system, including the GR Digital Camera. The GV-2 attaches to the camera body via the hot shoe, and when not in use stores nicely in the included case. Highlights of the GV-2 include a 28mm frame and 1:1 aspect ratio marks.

Includes 28mm equivalent frame (35mm film equivalent)
Mounts to GXR camera systems via hot shoe
Has 1:1 aspect ratio marks
Includes storage case
  • Ricoh GV-2 Mini External Viewfinder
  • 28mm Frame
  • Case

Ricoh  GV-2  External  Mini  Viewfinder