Kipon Olympus OM Mount Lens to Nikon Z Mount Camera Adapter

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About Kipon Nikon Z Adapter


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L39 Adapter to Nixon Z Camera

By Francis G.

Works as advertised. Quality, perfect fit and length for distance scale on lens to be accurate. No issue with locking or infinity point!


Love it!


Well built. Works perfectly!

Nowadays, as the number of people using interchangeable lens digital cameras increases, proprietary combinations of camera lenses and bodies are no longer able to satisfy the increasingly sophisticated demands of the many photography enthusiasts. The use of lens adapters have given users full rein of customizing their equipment to best fulfill their needs through different combinations of lenses and camera bodies.

However, although individual camera manufacturers havecreated their own customized adapters, combining lenses and camera bodies of different manufacture has become an ever expanding challenge. At KIPON, a world-renown camera adapter manufacturer, we have developed over 400 types of adapters. With our various adapters, we offer our users the freedom and compatibility of lenses and camera bodies that transcends different times and manufacturers. We have made possible not only the interchangeable use of products across brands but also the use of traditional film lenses.

KIPON offers a full line of camera lens adapters including macro adapters, electronic adapters, adapters with integrated glass, optical focal reduction adapters, adapters with built in aperture control, tilt/shift adapters, tilt adapters, and shift adapters.

The KIPON KP-LA-NKZ-OM adapter mounts OLympus OM mount Series lenses on Nikon Z Mount camera bodies. Please note that after mounting the adapter only manual focus will be accessible when shooting. There is a inner ring on the adapter which presses against the pin on the lens to allow the lens to control the aperture. Please note that lenses with extra long pins can not be mounted with this adapter.

All KIPON adapters undergo the CNC turning center procedure during manufacturing to provide our customers with only the utmost precision and quality. We guarantee an ideal fitting between cameras and lenses to maintain the ease and accuracy of photography. All adapters are made of brass and/or aluminum alloy.

Please note that not all camera models and lenses are compatible with this adapter. Please take extra care when attempting to use any adapter with wide angle and fisheye lenses. Please contact our lens specialists if you have any questions regarding compatibility.

Kipon Nikon Z Adapter Specifications

Lens Mount
Olympus OM
Camera Mount
Nikon Z
High quality aviation aluminum