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The SPECTRA2 offers the latest LED technology available (SMT - Surface Mount Technology) in a portable size, which guarantees images with perfect color rendition and improved efficiency. The SMT LED panels embed innovative lenses, which have been specifically created for high efficiency and CRI (Color Rendering Index). The intensity of the LED devices can be controlled: SPECTRA2 up to 650 lux, which can reach +50% light output with boost mode. The SPECTRA2 is Daylight 5600K and allow color correction through a diffuser and gel filter included in the pack. This LED operates on either six AA standard batteries from mains through the included AC adaptor optional L-Type Lithium-ion batteries through a battery adaptor (the battery adaptor panels is optional). Key Benefit: High Portability These new generation LED Lights implement state-of-art LED technology known as Surface Mount Technology (SMT). This allows a better relative size to output ratio and low energy consumption which results in long lasting battery life time. Color accuracy All versions are characterized by excellent color accuracy (>93% CRI) and improved optical efficiency. Thanks to these characteristics, final images and videos will always show accurate with the right colors. Flicker free High precision dimming (1-100%) without flickering. Color Temperature (K) Daylight 5600K + Gel Filters (1 CTO, 1/4 CTO and diffuser) CRI >93 Illuminance (lux) 650 lux * *+50% light output with boost mode Beam ( Degree) 45 Degree Battery Capacity AA batteries NiMH - 110' Li-ion Sony L-Type 160'* * Boost mode Dimensions 153 x 93 x 45 mm 6.02x3.66x1.77 inches Features Dimming 1-100% Boost mode +50% light output Tripod/hot-shoe ball head Li-ion L-Type battery adaptor (optional) AC adaptor (optional) D-Tap connection (optional)