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(Promotion) NanGuang CN-28FA LED Fresnel Light

RM 220.00

(Promotion) Nanguang CN-Lux1000 LED Light for Came...

RM 139.00

(Promotion) NanGuang NG-28C Fluorescent Light Ring

RM 129.00

(SPECIAL DEAL) Nanguang Luxpad23 On-Camera LED Lig...

RM 175.00

Nanguang Mixpad 41 On-Camera LED Light

RM 159.00

(SPECIAL DEAL)Nanguang CN-LUX560 LED Video Light L...

RM 90.00

Nanguang Luxpad 43 Bi-Color LED Panel

RM 399.00

NanGuang NG-T6240 45W Portable Professional LED St...

RM 630.00

NanGuang NG-T3220 15W Portable Professional LED St...

RM 300.00

(PRE-ORDER) NanGuang CN900CSA Professional Bi Colo...

RM 1430.00

(PRE-ORDER) NanGuang CN600CSA Professional Bi Colo...

RM 1030.00

(PRE-ORDER) NanGuang CN600SA Professional Bi Colou...

RM 900.00

(PER-ORDER) NanGuang Luxpad43 4Kit LED Light Kit

RM 2880.00

(Pre-Order) Nanguang LED CN-5400 PRO Kit With Ligh...

RM 2680.00

(PRE-ORDER) Nanguang CN-100FDA LED Fresnel Light

RM 2370.00

(PRE-ORDER) NanGuang CN8F LED Fresnel Light

RM 530.00

(PRE-ORDER) NanGuang CN-2000LC Bi-Color LED Studio...

RM 2970.00

(PRE-ORDER) NanGuang CN-2000L LED Studio light

RM 2745.00

(PRE-ORDER) NanGuang CN-T672 LED Soft Studio Ligh...

RM 1660.00

(PRE-ORDER) NanGuang CN-2000C LED Studio Light

RM 3100.00

(PRE-ORDER) NanGuang CN-2000H LED Studio Light

RM 2850.00

(PRE-ORDER) Nanguang CN1200CSA LED Panel Photo Cam...

RM 1740.00

(PRE-ORDER) Nanguang CN-1200SA LED Studio Lighting

RM 1550.00

(PRE-ORDER) Nanguang Combo 200 LED Slim Pad Light

RM 2390.00

(PRE-ORDER) Nanguang Combo 200 LED Slim Pad Light

RM 1800.00
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