MAONO 3-Panel Microphone Shield

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Maono au-mis33 is sound-absorbing panel for microphone, which will make it possible to record vocals without unwanted reverb effects and reflections. Perfectly suitable for work in acoustic unprepared rooms, where the sound can be reflected from walls and furniture items. With it you will get pure natural vocals when recording, due to which it will not be necessary to use software methods of sound processing, which make the voice "dry" and unnatural.

The sound-absorbing panel for the microphone maono au-mis33 is made of steel panels, lined from the inside with foam material. It is a semi-circular frame that is installed on a microphone stand. The complete adapter and mounting kit allows you to do it quickly and without any effort. Folding design allows you to take an accessory with you on the road, without taking up much space in the luggage.

Eliminate interference

High-quality Acoustic sound absorbing foam insulation sound diffusion reduces noise and room ambiance to Create An optimal recording condition in the studio home or office vented thru the perforated aluminum back plate panel

Easy to use

The microphone isolation shield can be fixed on a camera tripod stand, and also can be mounted to a microphone stand, Perfect for professional vocal/acoustic recording and podcasting sound booth

Premium Material

Constructed out of premium aluminum alloy with high-density noise-absorbing acoustic foam to ensure sturdiness and long lasting performance

Mounting and Setup Accessories Included

Comes with all standard mounting hardware to support easy setup to most recording equipment and microphone stands without the hassle of the extra assembly to create your own personal microphone recording booth





Acoustic Shield



Acoustic Foam


Dimension (W x D x H)

33.27 x 4.5 x 21.1 cm

Net Weight

0.78 kg

  • Minimize reverb and sound reflection effects
  • Great for recording vocals outside the studio
  • Foldable design
  • Compatible with most microphones
  • Easy installation

MAONO AU-MIS33 Sound-absorbing Panel for Microphone

MAONO  AU-MIS33  Sound-absorbing  Panel  for  Microphone  AU-MIS33