FLM CB-38FT CenterBall Ball Head W/ QPR-40

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FLM ball heads Centre Ball (CB)

For orientation of a camera usually a tripod head is used, which is mounted on the tripod plate. To ensure the highest stability of a tripod is set up so that the tripod plate is in a horizontal position. If necessary, can help a leveling ball here. Then done with the tripod head the movement, or the exact fixing of the camera. The Center Ball heads of FLM are developed with the same accuracy as the FLM-tripods and manufactured with the same high precision in Germany and tested.

The model number of these heads gives information about the type, ball diameter and load capacity and functions:
eg: CB 43FTR means -> CB = Center Ball (ball head); 43 (diameter 43mm, max carrying capacity 30kg.); F (friction); T (tilt function); R (15 ° -Rastfunktion for panoramic photos)

The FLM CB-38 is a simple ball head with 38mm ball diameter. Its load capacity is max. 25kg and with only 292g weight. The attachment to the tripod by means of the 3/8 "bottom thread. Can be mounted all cameras, binoculars and spotting scopes adapter with 1/4" thread. By means of the large control knob of the ball head must be released in all directions. The cork of the platen protects your equipment from damage.


Type Ball head
Load capacity (kg) 25,0
Thread for camerarecording 1/4 and 3/8
Connector thread on tripod head 3/8
Inclination range (°) 90
Bending range (°) 360
Number of levels 0

Special features

Single-handed operation yes
Quick-release plate -
Panorama scale -


Colour anthracite
Height (cm) 7,2
Weight (kg) 0,292
Series CB