VSGO CDW-6 9-in-1 Laptop Cleaning Kit

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VSGO CDW-6 is a 9-in-1 screen and keyboard cleaning kit that includes a mini air blower, 60ml screen cleaner, a large superfine suede screen cleaning cloth (30cm X 30cm), a medium superfine suede screen cleaning cloth (15cm X 11.5cm), a cleaning brush, 2 packs of wet wipes, 8 pieces cotton swabs, keyboard cleaning gel and a carrying pouch. This carefully selected cleaning kit package allows you to do a thorough clean for all types of computer, laptops. It could be used to clean camera screen, computer and laptop screen, iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices' screens. The specially formulated screen cleaner is harmless to the screen while affective to the dust and stains. The suede cloth is super fine and soft which is gentle to the screen while removing dirt, dust, and fingerprints. Laser cut edge ensure no streaks and other residue leaving behind. The keyboard brush has super soft bristles to effectively sweep off dust, dirt, and debris from your screen. The special material of the bristles attracts small dust and allows you to easily sweep off dust in the seam. The cotton swabs are made of specially treated material ensures no fiber drop and other residues. Each wet wipe is individually packed in a vacuumed package that ensures moisture is locked in. The carrying pouch allows you to carry all the kits together and handy to use when needed.

  • Extremely soft suede screen cleaning cloth is super gentle to the screen surface which leaves no scratch, streak or mark on screen. Safe for all screens
  • The screen cleaner is featured with anti-static and anti-bacterial that keeps screen clean for extended period of time
  • The high-quality keyboard cleaning brush with soft bristles effectively sweeps off dust, dirt, and debris from your screen
  • Wet wipes effectively and efficiently wipe away all kinds of dirt, dust, stain on the lens and screen
  • Mini air blower is easy to carry and handy in use

VSGO  CDW-6  9-in-1  Laptop  Cleaning  Kit